Serial to Sign Cable

This cable can be used for connecting a BetaBrite sign or other Adaptive Mirco sign to your computers serial port. This cable is easy to make and is taken directly from the Adaptive Micro Networking Manual on page 32. The cable shown below was created using a standard 25' RJ12 cable and an RJ12-DB9 connector. Another option would to buy an RJ12 cable and wire it directly to a femail DB9 connector. If you are in a hurry these parts can be purchased from you local Radio Shack.

I have a number of the cables shown below available. The cost is $7 + s/h. Contact me if you are intrested.

This is a picture of the 25' cable and the DB9 connector.

This image shows how the cable connects the the connector. I feel this is a better way than harwiring the wire becasue with the adaptor you can use a cable that is the right lenght for your installation. It is rocommened no to use a cable over 50' long. I would also suggest using a ferrite choke on any cables longer than 25'.

This image was taken directly from the Adaptive Networking Manual. All the cables I make follow these connections. I have also been told that you do not need to connect 7-8 and 6-1-4 for use with BetaBrite signs. I'm not sure if this is also correct for other Adaptive Micro signs.